Jim Jordan Backs Himself Into Corner As He Struggles To Defend Alleged Trump Clip

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Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), in an interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, declared that former President Donald Trump “did declassify” material during his term after Bash confronted him with part of a 37-count federal indictment that depicts Trump saying he “could have declassified” material as president.

Bash pressed the House Judiciary Committee chair on Sunday as he went to bat for Trump, who has been indicted over his handling of classified documents.

“He says point blank on tape ‘as president I could have declassified it… now I can’t,’” said Bash as she read from a transcription of a meeting where Trump allegedly spoke of classified material to guests at his golf club.

“He says in his own words. It’s on tape as part of this indictment that he did not declassify the material. Therefore, it is classified.”

“Dana, saying he could have is not the same as saying he didn’t,” Jordan argued.

“He said now I can’t,” Bash noted.

The interview soon sailed into a back-and-forth between the host and the Republican.

“Now he can’t, right, because he is not president now. But when he was president, he did declassify it,” Jordan said.

“Which means what he was holding was classified,” Bash responded.

“Not if he declassified it when he was President of the United States, for goodness’ sake,” Jordan fired back.

“But he’s saying point blank in this audio tape he did not declassify it, what you’re saying just doesn’t make sense on its face,” said Bash before Jordan pivoted to “But Her Emails” talking points centered on Hillary Clinton.