Multi-Pack iPhone Chargers You Can Get On Amazon For Under $20

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The life expectancy of an iPhone charger rivals that of a housefly. Whether it gets broken, stolen, forgotten or chewed on, the more life happens, the fewer lightning cords you have to show for it. Because chargers are such a fleeting commodity, it’s not a bad idea to have some extra ones around at all times.

To save you money and the stress of searching for an extra charger when you’re headed out the door, we rounded up some of our favorite charger multipacks, all for under $20. Get a charger for every room of your house, for your purse, car and gym bag and for the general peace of mind that you shall always have a charge.

Some packs contain cords and a charging box, while others are simply the cords and some are just the box, yet all are here to ensure you always have a spare charger, any time you need one.

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